Fugazi - The Argument

The Argument

Why should you rush out and buy Fugazi’s recently released album The Argument? Because, you must.

For Fugazi’s fans, it is another perfect acoustical journey of wailing guitars. Ian MacKaye’s barking vocals, Guy Picciotto’s tortured moan and socio-political philosophizing make Fugazi one of the mainstays in the Indie-Punk scene. The Argument captivates both in its diverse harmonic range and vocal content. MacKaye and Picciotto sing about social issues ranging from urban gentrification on "Cashout," to the popularity of commercialized violence on "Life and Limb." Much like a good pop song, the lyrical structure is of such a poetic complexity that it invites the listener to become absorbed in the words, but it comes without the sugarcoating. This album may alienate some fans that associate punk simply with a certain sound as opposed to a mentality, but this is the beauty of The Argument--. It satisfies the crusty punk and the fey popster by pairing intelligent political rants with harmonics and choruses, which at their core, are the very epitome of pop music.