Semiautomatic - The Trebuchet

The Trebuchet
Vex Records

At some point this New York City duo developed into an unpredictable electronic force to be reckoned. Abandoning the naivete of their earlier cassette-only release (had mixed results) the duo began refining their sound and songwriting skills prior to their debut full-length release. The full range of their abilities is present now on this compelling and genuinely unique recording The Trebuchet. Combining the fuzzy drum-n-bass acrobatics of an U.N.K.L.E or Dr. Octagon, the dizzying electronics of Aphextwin and the pop sensibilities of, say Beck, Semiuatomatic sets about creating a musical pastiche that is at once both referential and thoroughly original.DJ Rop’s prior experiments with cutting up old New Wave records factor little now. The Trebuchet is an accomplished, complex arrangement of electronic gadgetry, piano, guitars, scratching, layered vocals and samples (including downright awesome R2D2 snippets they’ve built a whole song around!) A truly inspiring example of the possibilities technology allows new music.