Tristeza - Dream Signals In Full Circles

Dream Signals In Full Circles
Tiger Style

Elevator music for two story buildings, this album contains nine songs that are like a televised baseball game on a summer Saturday - perfect if you’re doing something else at the same time. The songs here are all so unassuming that you tend to forget about them while you’re listening. Now, I like baseball and there are some tracks that are stunners in a certain Mogwai-without-the-catharsis kind of way. "Building Peaks" and "Respira" stand out because of the textural accumulation and, dare I say it, hooks. They are also the first two entries of a release whose end I can never remember. Tristeza still haven’t quite learned how to start or end songs, most fade in and fade out, as if to give listeners three minutes of an otherwise infinite tract. If pretty music with an adolescent awkwardness to it is your gig, have a seat because it’s the top of the seventh.