Zero 7 - Anotherlatenight

Zero 7

What does the international hipster listen to when he or she wants to clear their mind of the stresses of being trendsetters and relax bodies, weary from jetlag? They listen to Zero 7’s Anotherlatenight compilation. Zero 7 has exquisite taste, this is not a compiling of their songs but a mix of old and new music selections that they find highly attractive. The mood is set with hip-hop vibes swept up in a sandstorm of jazz rhythms with a pinch of tropical tempos thrown in for good measure. In a succession of the Anotherlatenight anthology that gives insight into the inspiration of today’s musical maestros, Zero 7’s is the best of the series by far. At its most useful when you’ve stayed up way past your bedtime or for those moments when you need an excuse to.