B.R.M.C. - Demo


Formerly known as the Elements, the San Francisco Bay Area-based Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (B.R.M.C.) have just released a demo of new material. The thirteen tracks on this disc showcase the mature songwriting of band kingpins Peter Hayes (guitar/bass/vox) and Robert Turner (bass/guitar/vox). Nick Jago completes the triangle of this powerful three-piece with his superb drumbeats and percussion. Their sedate, dreamy sound will surprise you with catchy, dead-on licks and cascading bass lines: silvery, sexy modern psychedelia. There is just something indescribable about the tone of a Gibson hollowbody through a Fender Twin Reverb, especially when coupled with intelligent use of effects pedals as it is done here.

Obvious influences include early Jesus & Mary Chain, Ride, Slowdive, the Cult circa Love, Spacemen 3, the Cure, the Stone Roses, and Joy Division. Playing with the Brian Jonestown Massacre for a good part of ’97 seems to have rubbed off on Hayes in a good way, particularly on the Stonesy-Dylany track "Screaming Gun", which BMJ uber mensch Anton Newcombe shares songwriting credits with Hayes and Turner. Make no mistake - despite all of their apparent influences after the first few listens, soon enough their music emerges as having a sound thta is no one’s but their own. These guys are for real and I recommend with all my body and soul that you check this band out whether it be getting their album or going to a show. This is the kind of music that can change your life.