The Apples In Stereo - Her Wallpaper Reverie

The Apples in Stereo
Her Wallpaper Reverie
spinART Records

This concept album traces a character named Ruby as she drifts through watery dreams while staring at the wallpaper in her room. The fifth song, "Strawberry Fire," contains the line, "Took a trip on a stereo song," which sums up the whole record. The Apples In Stereo play fanciful, psychedelic pop with melodies added onto each other so that theyexplore stereophonic sound much in the same way that stereo-pioneers Pink Floyd did back in the 60s. It’s a lush sound that hangs around candied melodies like sunlit scrim.

Her Wallpaper Reverie features seven songs and eight instrumental interludes. Each song is layered with watery sounds, handclaps, synthesizers, toy pianos, extra-reverbed vocals, jangling guitars and scores of tape loops. The songs seem like effortless romantic gestures amongst the fidgety, instrumental tracks which lasta few seconds and serve as eerie points of pause before the reverie continues, beading and streaming like rain streaking down a window.