Califone - Roomsound


Is this a country record? I don’t know. Does it matter? I don’t care. Califone used to be Red Red Meat for those interested and the two, I suppose, are difficult to distinguish. Califone take their place next to other rock-folk-roots hybrids like Modest Mouse, Neutral Milk Hotel, Wilco, Palace and others. Through clenched teeth and over loops, tambourines, and muffled bass drums, guitarist Tim Rutili sings about the Catholic Church, alcohol, and sex with references to some traditional music which, according to him "is all about figuring out a proper balance between sex and learning to pray-just like Prince." This is a dense, atmospheric, and often spooky recording that merits attention, especially with songs like "Sometimes, like that last pull of Jack Daniels." It is occasionally too murky and viscous, something that can be welcome, but often regrettable.