Kings of Convenience - Quiet is the New Loud

Kings of Convenience
Quiet Is The New Loud

The Kings of Convenience are two young men from Norway who both play guitars and come off like a narcoleptic Belle and Sebastian. These young men, Erikand Erelnd, are also very photogenic and seemingly poised to "make it" is some way, at least that seems to be their label’s goal. Unchallenging but pretty songs, imported voices and decided cuteness make for a winning formula for commercial success. Their single "Toxic Girl," in spite of derivative licks, has charted in the UK. The catchiest songs are the most memorable ones, primarily because the others tend to barely cling to the audible world. "Singing Softly to Me" and "The Girl from Back Then" register the most because of a more dynamic song structure, more inventive vocal work and an expanded arrangement. The Kings of Convenience are trying to squeeze into the niche of indie-easy-listening which is slowly getting filled by bands like Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, the Sea and Cake, etc. If you go for those things then this disc will no doubt find a place on your shelf. If you’re still unsure, take out a Belle and Sebastian 45, turn it to 33 and pretend it will be dark for months.