Peanut Butter Wolf - My Vinyl Weighs A Ton

Peanut Butter Wolf
My Vinyl Weighs a Ton
Copasetik Recordings

This record is a model for a hip hop release: a good balance between beats/lyrics and skills/scratching cleverly connected with personable interludes. Peanut Butter Wolf was dubbed thus by his ex-girlfriend’s brother after an imaginary monster. He existed in duo form with rapper Charizma until the rapper’s untimely death a few years back. Since that time, PBW has laid low, producing some tracks and doing several DJ tours. He also held up in his home studio where he worked on this full-length effort. Peanut Butter shows off his exhaustive record collection and takes the cake for the quirkiest interludes of the year which include a phone call from Biz Markie wanting to trade 45s and a short jazoo jaunt with Grandmaster Zest. He pulls off a Herculean feat with "Tale of Five Cities" showcasing over ten world famous DJs including the Beat Junkies, Xecutioners, and Cut Chemist all on one surprisingly listenable track.