The Aislers Set - The Last Match

The Aislers Set
The Last Match

Often for pop music to be appealing, it must have a timeless and youthful quality that is easily digestible without being bland. Although this formula seems easy enough, bands often fail miserably, opting instead to settle on the latest flavor of the month for a quick sugar fix. For The Aislers Set, one of San Francisco’s latest gems, their version of pop music couldn’t be more substantial. The Last March is a spectacular batch of 60’s-inspired, jangley pop tunes that pick up where the last album left us, crying for more. This time, brainchild Amy Linton, the sole innovator and performer behind 1998’s Terrible Things Happen has expanded her sound into a five-piece ensemble which includes cohorts from a variety of local indie band fave’s. The result boasts 14 new songs that resonate with a live performance intonation, making each tune feel both spontaneous and classic. Take "One Half Laughing" with its surf-movie organ fills and Spectoresque chamber-room beat. Herein lies their secret: excavating the pertinent essence of songwriting from the past and then putting their own, modern spin on what’s real without simply regurgitating the expected. The title track sways with s sure to follow, bot don’t chalk it up as another sickly-sweet track. A closer examination of the "la-la-la’s" reveals the real message: "(and I) lied-ied-ied." "The Red Door" cranks up the juice with more to do with The Pixies than Brian Wilson, and revealing in the process the versatility of their songwriting. Whether its the bouncy hooks and vocals that reel you in, or the perfect production that comes off sounding rich and dignified, The Last Match is one record not to miss.